Early  detection  is  your  best  protection!

Install  smoke  detectors and test them regularly!



If you’re not certain maybe you share some of the misconceptions that make Americans underestimate the danger of death from night-time fires. For example:


Ø   THE SMELL OF SMOKE WOULD WAKE ME – It might, if acrid smelling smoke were the only thing produced by household fire. Unfortunately, many home fires smolder slowly for hours before they burst into open flames. And while this incomplete combustion is taking place, large quantities of toxic gases, including carbon monoxide, are produced. Carbon monoxide is the same odorless, taste less and colorless gas tat causes death when people breath automobile exhaust in a closed garage or because of a leak in a car’s muffler. If you’re awake, you may feel a headache and dizziness and possibly some nausea. If you’re asleep when the gas enters our room, you probably will never wake up.

Ø   THERE IS USUALLY PLENTY OF TIME TO GET OUT – Possibly, if you’re awake and if you have time to round up your family and if none of them inhale too much smoke or carbon monoxide before you woke up. The spread of toxic gases long before flames become visible and noisy my not give you enough time to get out.

Ø   FIRES ONLY HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE – This is perhaps the most dangerous idea of all. And it’s probably just what all those “OTHER PEOPLE” thought before their fire occurred.

Ø   WELL JUST HOW EFFECTIVE ARE THEY? – They won’t prevent fires, they won’t put the fire out for you, but they WILL increase your chances of getting, getting out, and call the fire department.

Ø   HOW DO WE TAKE CARE OF IT? – Smoke detector are tough, they don’t need much attention except for regular testing and prompt replacement of batteries. But neglect theses few requirements and your detector won’t be able to do its job if the critical moment of a fire ever comes. AT LEAST TEST ONCE EVERY MONTH - test your smoke detector at least once a month. REPLACE THE BATTERY EVERY SIX MONTHS – change the battery every six months, the best way to remember to do this is when we change time in the spring and fall of each year, change your clock and batteries at the same time.

Ø   YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE SMOKE DETECTOR ON EACH LEVEL OF THE HOME – place at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home, the best place is by the bed rooms so when it sounds you will hear it.

Ø   WHAT ABOUT CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS? – YES, YES, YES, CO detectors are just as important as smoke detectors. The best ones are electric powered with a digital readout display. Just like smoke detectors, you should have a CO detector on each level of the home. Do not place them next to any source of CO like furnaces or hot water tanks.


For any other questions either call us at the station or e-mail us at firepreventionbureau@sharonfire.org.


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